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A Journey of Entrepreneur & Consultant

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Entrepreneur Consultant Businessman


I’m Mostaim Billah Murad

"I Don't wanna be burden of the country."

Dreams represent our ultimate destinations, encapsulating our deepest desires and aspirations. Those lacking such dreams tend to be consumed by minor triumphs or disappointments that occur routinely in their lives, often letting trivial matters sour their relationships. One of humanity's most profound weaknesses is a lack of self-confidence. This deficiency instills fear, deterring individuals from dreaming ambitiously. Instead, they amplify the insignificance of daily happenings, subsequently breeding resentment within their relationships. Conversely, those who harbor and nurture a significant dream learn to circumnavigate life's minor inconveniences, dedicating themselves to the realization of their grand vision.

Will you start the journey with me?


No matter the industry, invite technology to be your guiding partner. This choice, when made, will undeniably shine as a beacon, setting the stage for a transformative breakthrough in your business voyage.

- Mostaim Billah Murad

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Decision Maker

Entrepreneurs hold decisive authority in steering businesses toward success, as they shoulder the responsibility for their ventures' performance by making a multitude of impactful decisions.



Successful entrepreneurs are comfortable with taking calculated risks. They are willing to step out of their comfort zones and make bold moves in order to achieve their goals. 



Entrepreneurs who are flexible are able to adapt to changing circumstances and pivot their business strategy as needed. They are open to new ideas and willing to change direction if necessary. 



Starting and growing a business can be challenging and stressful. Entrepreneurs who are resilient are able to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity. 



Entrepreneurs who are effective communicators are able to clearly convey their ideas and vision to others. They are able to inspire and motivate their team, as well as connect with customers and investors. 



Entrepreneurs who are strong leaders are able to inspire and guide their team towards a common goal. They are able to delegate tasks effectively and make difficult decisions when necessary.



Entrepreneurs require substantial discretion to build relationships with customers and stakeholders, a vital aspect of entrepreneurship. These relationships enhance brand awareness, generate leads, and drive revenue growth.



Entrepreneurs who possess creativity are able to generate unique and innovative ideas that set them apart from their competitors. They are able to think outside of the box and find new solutions to existing problems. 

People's thoughts of me


These testimonials reflect the high regard and appreciation that people have for Mostaim Billah Murad's expertise, professionalism, and contributions to their businesses.

Firoj Alam Rony

Managing Director of Cassandra Ltd.

“"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mostaim Billah Murad on a software development project for my company. His technical expertise, dedication to quality, and ability to meet tight deadlines have been invaluable. The final product exceeded our expectations and has become an integral part of our day-to-day operations.""

Business solution

Managed these Solutions

Typical measures of business success include the growth of your company, the money it provides you or your ability to keep control of the business for yourself or your


Software Solution

Founder & CEO Softifybd limited


Marketing Agency

Founder & CEO GetUp Limited


Hosting Solution

Founder and Owner HostGet


Internet Solution (ISP)

Founder and Owner Green Net

What I've achieve




Happy clients

My clients are really happy with me, and I'm really thankful for them. The reason is that I have managed my clients successfully. During this time, I have managed 2200+ clients. I am extremely proud of this achievement.



Successful business

In the past 10 years, I have run 10+ businesses successfully. The businesses are involved in the IT Industry, Software Industry, Digital Agency, ISP Industry, Education Industry, and Business Solutions Industry.




My achievements include 10+ awards from government and non-profit organizations. It's the biggest accomplishment of my life. This is a very proud achievement for me.



Business consultation

Since I started offering business consultation, more than 100 people have benefited from it. The majority of them are successful in their businesses. In my career, this has been one of my greatest achievements. 

These achievements demonstrate Mostaim's expertise, leadership, and consulting spheres.


Business & Personal Life

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